Aaron Rodgers in 2021 Vaccination Controversy Admits to Cheating the Media With "Immunised"

The suddenly chatty Aaron Rodgers( perhaps we can get him on PFT Live) appeared lately on the podcast hosted by the man whose name Rodgers invoked when Rodgers eventually admitted last time 

after contracting COVID, that he did n’t get the COVID vaccination. While it all feels veritably banal at this point, given that the world has moved on from COVID,( spoiler COVID has n’t moved

on from the world), Rodgers offers a thorough and detailed explanation to Joe Rogan about why Rodgers did what he did and, more importantly, why he did n’t do the one thing that  

the NFL and NFL Players Association decided that all players should do — get vaccinated. Right or wrong, the league and the union developed a protocol

that tied vacuity to play to vaccination. Rodgers used the proper channels to attempt to get an impunity. Rodgers said that he has an mislike to one of the component in the mRNA 

vaccines( Pfizer and Moderna), and that he refused to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to blood- clotting pitfalls.( His immunization process involved, as he explained it, 

adulterated beachfront of the contagion. As Rogan asked, “ How are they getting a adulterated beachfront of the contagion? ” As Rodgers replied, “ I do n’t know that exactly  

or want to get into that exactly, I do n’t suppose. ”) The protocol developed by the league and the union redounded in the rejection of his trouble to use his proposed homeopathic immunization process.

His explanation in the safe space of the Rogan podcast seems extremely fair and reasonable. Rogan gave him a wide situation and a sympathetic observance. Rodgers is right, the NFL( and NFLPA) were wrong, and that’s that.