Boston Celtics hope NBA Finals loss taught them a lot

BOSTON -- In the wake of their season-ending loss to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night in Game 6 

of the NBA Finals at TD Garden, the message from the Boston Celtics was that the future is bright, and that this loss was, in their eyes, just the beginning. 

It's definitely is tough," Marcus Smart said of Boston's 103-90 loss to Golden State. "But it's definitely one of those 

things we've been through hell to get here, and you take that. You know what I'm saying? We got to use that. 

"It's going to be tough. That's what I know for myself. I'm viewing it and looking at all the s 

we had to get through to get here just to even get to this situation to have an opportunity." 

The Celtics, who had won their first three elimination games in these playoffs to get to this point, were 

unable to make that happen a fourth time Thursday, as their series-long issues offensively once again reared their head.