Don't Worry Darling: Fans Que. About Harry's Accent in New Clip

It will noway be the same as it was – after watching Harry Styles' amusement in a noway - ahead- seen clip of" Do not solicitude Darling." 

Rolling Stone released an exclusive clip from Olivia Wilde's alternate managerial spin on Monday of a scene between Styles andco-star Florence Pugh. In the 18-alternate clip, Harry's Jack and Pugh's 

Alice are arguing about the life they are leading." Not everyone gets this occasion and if you keep talking like this you are going to put it all at threat," Styles says in the scene." Our life, Alice, our life together this, we could lose this." 

People on social media were quick to question whether he was supposed to be British or American in the movie. The" As It Was" songster was born in Worcestershire, England, and grew up in the northern part of the country in Cheshire. 

" His accentuation changes doubly during this clip," one Twitter stoner wrote. Another stoner replied" Why is Harry Styles, allegedly English, doing such a bad English accentuation."

The question of what accentuation Styles was going for kept others up at night." What's the accentuation Harry Styles is aiming for in Do n’t solicitude Darling I need to know before I can sleep again," one stoner wrote. 

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