Epic Games Store still requires 'give offline' option

Epic Games Store still requires 'give offline' option

The Epic Games Store came out in December 2018, and since its release, it has certainly 

made itself a topic of discussion among the PC gaming community. With a formula that 

releases free games from the Epic Games storefront every week, the massive success it has 

experienced with the battle royale Fortnite, and the acquisition of now free-to-play games 

such as Rocket League, the launcher is at least worth having downloaded for most people if not solely to claim free games. 

Unfortunately, the Epic Games Store has been scrutinized in the past for grabbing exclusive titles before the client was fully optimized, not 

listing game sizes on the download page, having a slow-loading launcher, and its lack of community, especially when compared to 

Valve's more popular Steam client. It seems it will be quite some time before Epic Games can overtake  

the likes of Steam, Battle.net, Origin, Bethesda Launcher, and other respectable alternatives, but an 'appear offline' option would be a good place to start.