F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2022 LIVE Updates: Verstappen turns bad in Montreal but teammate Perez forced to retire

Lap 27: Hamilton is the latest to overtake Alonso. The Brit moves up into P3 as he looks to claim only 

his second podium finish this season after finishing third in Bahrain during the opening race.  

Lap 24: We're back to racing again and Leclerc is absolutely flying now that he's broken the traffic. He overtakes Bottas into the final  

move up into P7. It's worth while remembering that he hasn't pit yet mind as Sainz gets past Alonso to move back into P2 at the front of the race.  

Lap 20: We have our second retirement of the race as Mick Schumacher pulls up at the same corner Perez did earlier in the race. Once again the virtual safety car is out. 

Lots of drivers dive into the pits on the back of that incident with Verstappen now back in the lead followed by Alonso, Hamilton and Russell. 

Lap 16: Verstappen moves up into P2 as he breezes past Alonso down the long straight. Sainz still leads and he remains nearly five and a half seconds ahead of the Dutch driver. 

Leclerc has done well to get himself up to P12 after starting the race from the back of the grid but he's now struggling to break through the midfield as Zhou Gangyu  

Lap 12: We're back to green flag racing following that virtual safety car as the top order is mixed up following the early pit stops.