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Stephen N. Adubato, Sr. (1932-2020) was among the most powerful political leaders of his generation.  He founded the 


North Ward Educational and Cultural Center, from which he ran a substantial political machine.  His son, Dr. Steve Adubato, Jr., served as an Assemblyman  

from Essex County and is an Emmy Award-winning TV personality and leadership expert.  His late brother,  Michael F. Adubato, served in the State Assembly for eighteen years. 

Anthony R. Bucco (1938-2019) served in the New Jersey State Senate from 1998 until his death in 2019.  He previously served as a Boonton Alderman and Mayor,  


as a Morris County Freeholder, and in the State Assembly.  His son, Anthony M. Bucco, spent five terms in the State Assembly before winning his father’s State Senate seat in 2019. 

Brendan T. Byrne (1924-2018) served as Governor of New Jersey from 1974 to 1982.  After serving as Executive Secretary 


(now Chief of Staff) to Gov. Robert Meyner, he was the Essex County Prosecutor, President of the Essex County Board of 

Public Utilities, and a Superior Court Judge.  His son, Tom Byrne, is a former New Jersey Democratic State Chairman.