Microsoft company shuts down Internet Explorer browser after 26 years

The company wants Internet Explorer users to migrate to its Edge browser, which is available on smartphones and Linux, in addition to Windows. 

Microsoft said it will remove the Internet Explorer icons in an update to Windows 

In the next few months, when people try to open Internet Explorer, the newer Microsoft Edge browser will open instead. 

Microsoft stopped supporting the Internet Explorer web browser on Wednesday, indicating the end is near for a 26-year-old brand 

with baggage that includes an antitrust case, security flaws and lagging performance. 

Users will instead be pointed to Microsoft’s newer Edge browser. While Microsoft doesn’t derive revenue directly

from browsers, Edge defaults to the company’s Bing search engine, through which the software and 

hardware maker generates advertising revenue. That category represents about 6% of Microsoft’s total revenue, at nearly $3 billion in the first quarter.