NBA Trade Grades 2022: The Timberwolves Go All In on Jazz's Rudy Goberte

NBA Trade Grades 2022: The Timberwolves Go All In on Jazz's Rudy Goberte

The Jazz are up to something. Utah traded away All-Star big man Rudy Gobert to the Timberwolves on Friday, according to multiple reports. 

In exchange, the Jazz will receive Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Walker Kessler, Jarred Vanderbilt, and four first-round picks. 

Utah will reportedly acquire unprotected firsts in 2023, ‘25, and ‘27, as well as a pick swap in ‘26 and a top-four protected pick in ‘29. 

Gobert, 30, is a three-time defensive player of the year winner. He averaged 15.6 points and 14.7 rebounds per game for the Jazz last season. He is signed on a max deal through 2025, with a player 

option for ‘26. Let’s grade the blockbuster for each team.  Oooohhh boy. It was a little bit like a horror movie seeing the details of this trade come across your phone screen. It started out innocently enough with Gobert, but the 

inclusion of the four firsts was scream-inducing. This is a massive haul for Gobert, who while talented, is also polarizing and making a large sum of money for an extended period of time 

On court, the fit here makes a lot of sense. Gobert is an elite backstopper and rim protector, and he will go a long way in covering up the defensive flaws of Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Edwards,  

particularly during the regular season. He can keep Towns away from screens, and mitigate Edwards’s or D’Angelo Russell’s struggles staying in front of elite scorers. Gobert was also a key ingredient