Penguins pitch to NHL for All-Star Game return in Pittsburgh

Penguins pitch to NHL for All-Star Game return in Pittsburgh

The Tampa Bay Lightning gave it their all in the Stanley Cup Final, and getting back to the final definitely was no small feat considering some of the opponents they had to get through to get there. 

The Lightning have been in this position before, losing in the Stanley Cup Final in 2015 to Chicago. They now have the same short summer as the Avs, only without the Stanley Cup. 

Colorado has one heck of an offseason ahead of them. Their road to defending their championship is not going to be easy with 12 players  

on expiring contracts now looking for news deals. Some of those players include goaltender Darcy Kuemper and star forward Nazem Kadri. 

The next big date fans need to look forward to is the NHL draft. The draft takes place on Thursday, July 7th and Friday, July 8th a little over two weeks away. 

This is when teams are going to be looking to rebuild their rosters or make a few moves for next season. It really does feel like not 

a lot of time from now till then and that has to do with getting the league back on track to their normal schedule next season. 

The Canadiens will be picking first overall in the draft and the Devils and Coyotes will be following them rounding out the top three picks in the draft.