Rangers creep up on 500, the offense awakens, an easier June ahead?

Welcome to a special Sunday edition of the Weaver Wire. I know these intros are usually only tangentially related to baseball, 

if at all, but I’m completely bereft of anything thoughtful to say this week, for obvious reasons. 

So let’s keep it to baseball for now. The Rangers are 15-9 in the month of May, and with Saturday’s 11-4 win, they’ve matched their season high with a four- 

game winning streak, putting themselves within a win of sweeping the Athletics and hitting .500 for the first time in over a year. 

The Texas Rangers beat the Oakland A’s yesterday by a score of 11-4. Marcus Semien and Corey Seager had big days in leading the Rangers to victory.

Jeff Wilson writes about Marcus Semien finally picking up his first Ranger home run. Levi Weaver has a special Sunday edition of the Weaver Wire up.

Mitch Garver has missed a couple of games with a sore knee, but he’s showing improvement and should be back in the lineup in the next few days.