The owner of Marilyn Monroe's dress says Kim Kardashian didn't damage it 'in any way'

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! defended loaning Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday’ gown to the reality TV star and said its importance ‘has not been negated, but rather highlighted’ 

The owners of the dress belonging to Marilyn Monroe and worn by Kim Kardashian  

at last month’s Met ball have hit back against allegations the dress was damaged by the loan. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, which bought the dress – Monroe wore it to sing Happy Birthday to John F Kennedy 

in 1962 – for £3.8m in 2016, said it was “confident” Kardashian did not cause any damage to the garment. 

This came following a renewed backlash against the reality TV star wearing the dress, after photographs were 

posted on Instagram by a Monroe collector, Scott Fortner, claiming “significant” damage had been sustained. 

The photos appeared to show significant buckling, ripping and even the loss of some of the crystals sewn on to the dress. 

Damage to the shoulder straps also appeared evident in video footage of the dress shared by author Darrell Rooney.